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Beauty blogger left swollen and blistered after faulty laser treatment

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Beauty blogger left swollen and blistered after faulty laser treatment

A beauty blogger underwent what was meant to be a simple procedure, to remove a small birth mark but instead ended up looking like a burns victim.

She wanted to remove a small port wine stain birth mark on her right cheek after she found out the potential dangers of them.  She underwent two initial laser sessions and seemed happy with the results. She was left with slight bruising around the area treated however both times it healed within 10 days.

However she described the day of her third appointment as “the most horrible day of her life.” During the procedure she felt intense pain and knew something was wrong. The bruising was extensive, covering a large proportion of her cheek. She was shaken and terrified.

The next day she awoke to her face raw and blistered with her eye swollen shut. The area hurt for four weeks. Her face felt like “someone had taken hot coal and burned her.” Even the slightest touch made her cry in pain.

A month later and most of the blisters and bruising had healed. She still has some scarring but hopes to get it corrected by an experienced surgeon.

She was left injured and extremely self-conscious because someone else was negligent in performing her laser treatment. The beautician has a duty to perform any procedure to a reasonable standard but in this instance they failed to do so.

If you or someone you know has suffered as a result of someone else failing to fulfil their duty then you too could be entitled to compensation.  Contact a member of our experienced team today to start your no win no fee claim.  

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