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Calls of tighter checks on hairdressers rejected by MPs

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Calls of tighter checks on hairdressers rejected by MPs

At present only 10% of hairdresser are registered with the British Hairdressing Council which is a cause for concern and professionals say can lead to dangers in the salon.

A recent campaign to have all hairdresser register in same way as doctors and dentists have to register has been blocked by Members of Parliament by only 4 votes. The issue was raised on 30 November in the House of Commons but MPs believe there is no need for a change.

In the UK, it is voluntary for qualified hairdressers and colourists to join the British Hairdressing Council.

In many other countries, basic qualifications are required before you are able to practise on the public but this is not required in the UK.

David Morris, a Conservative MP, brought the issue to the Commons as he used to run a salon himself and will continue to campaign byt returning to the commons in 2012. We support the campaign that there should be more regulation and registration to prevent accidents from occuring and to make sure practitioners have the amount of qualifications necessary.

If you suffer suffer a hair related disaster from a hair dye treatment at a salon or any other treatment you had at the hairdressers you may be able to make a claim. It is important that you get independent expert legal advice, preferably as soon as possible from one of our specialist lawyers.

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Ms A F

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