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Customer left looking like a scarecrow is paid £5000 compensation

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Customer left looking like a scarecrow is paid £5000 compensation

A woman has received £5250 in compensation after a hair colouring went horrifically wrong. The treatment in which she had five separate bleaching treatments on the same day led to her looking like a “scarecrow” with a burning scalp and straw like hair. The first treatment led to her hair turning orange and therefore the other treatments took place to try and rectify the hair.

After the treatment the hair started to fall out in clumps and a specialist advised that she shave her head so that the hair would grow back from scratch. The outcome was so bad that it left her a social recluse and furthermore she had to wear a hat for 3 months.

The treatment was carried out by a trainee hairdresser who was uninsured and the salon refused to take responsibility for the accident. They tried to blame the trainee and said that she was a freelancer and not an employee of the salon.

However, the salon had to accept full liability and settle on an agreement because the hairdressers allowed her to work in the salon and gave her the use of the facilities when she didn’t have insurance and therefore they were responsible.

We work for a number of clients who have suffered similar injuries to the above.

If you suffer a hair related disaster either from a hair dye treatment at a salon or any other treatment you had at the hairdressers you may be able to make a claim. It is important that you get independent expert legal advice, preferably as soon as possible from one of our specialist lawyers.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done to ensure the case went smoothly.  It has made life much easier for us.

Ms M P

I was more than happy with the way in which my matter was dealt with in every way. Thank you

Mrs S M

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