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Dangers of Brazilian blow dry

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Dangers of Brazilian blow dry

We act for a number of clients who have had the chemical straightening procedure that is also known as the Brazilian blow dry.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan are all fans of the treatment known as the Brazilian blow dry, however this treatment is causing a health scare and causing many problems for its users. It has even led to the Irish government to recall the products that are used for the chemical straightening process.

The treatment enables you to have poker straight hair using the solution and sealing this with hair straighteners and is said to last up to four months.

One of the chemicals that is a main ingredient in the solution is formaldehyde, this has been declared a toxic substance and has been linked to cancer. The formaldehyde can cause a rare form of nasal cancer. Even Brazilian blow dry products that are said to be formaldehyde free can still contain the toxic substance but in a diluted form. However this can still release the gas into the air.

Unlike other governments from countries across the world who have issued official warnings about the use of these treatments, the UK government have not and therefore its dangers are not widely known.

Furthermore, there have been other harmful reactions that have been reported regarding this treatment such as blistered scalps, vomiting, mouth ulcers, eye irritations and breathing problems. The chemical is also thought to affect the growth of new hair if the solution is absorbed into the scalp.

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