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Burns, Lacerations or Scarring

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General Information

Burns, cuts (sometimes called lacerations) and scalds can be extremely painful injuries. Unfortunately they can also have significant long term effects like scarring and psychological distress.

If you have suffered a burn or laceration injury you may be entitled to claim No Win No Fee compensation.

These are just some examples of things which may burn, cut or scar you:

  • Scalding liquid
  • Electrical equipment
  • Chemicals
  • A beauty or hair treatment
  • A faulty product
  • Machinery at work
  • A sharp exposed edge

What should you do now?

Contact our team of expert accident lawyers. We can give you free advice about what to do next. The sooner you contact us the better, as there are time limits as to when a claim has to be made, and investigating a burn, cut or scar injury is easier when the process is started quickly while accidents are fresh in memory.

  • Seek medical treatment for your burn or laceration injuries
  • Make sure you report your injury as soon as possible to someone from where your injury happened and ask them to log it in their accident book
  • Take clear photos of your injury and, if possible, of the cause of it – for example, the exact location of the accident or any machinery, products or equipment involved.

Why choose us?

Our specialist fully qualified Personal Injury lawyers are experienced in pursing successful claims and will help you to get the maximum amount of compensation. They will take the stress out of your claim by liaising with all the parties involved. They will make sure you receive the appropriate medical treatment to aid your recovery where appropriate.

If you have suffered a burn, cut or scar injury then contact us today to get free professional advice and we can help start your No Win No Fee claim.

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I used Actons solicitors when I had an accident, I was highly satisfied with the work on the case they did I was put at ease from start to finish, they explained everything that was going on and advised me what I had to do. I would definitely use them again if need be.

Maureen Rawse

There has been excellent communication throughout the entire claim process. I was kept unto date with all the information from Sainsburys and the outcome has been excellent. Thank you to all involved.

Mr W | Supermarket Claim

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