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New craze fish foot spa’s could spread HIV and Hepatitis C

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New craze fish foot spa’s could spread HIV and Hepatitis C

Health experts have warned that this new popular treatment could spread diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C.

This new treatment is known as fish foot spa pedicures who’s popularity is on the rise. It involves putting your feet into a large tank of warm water which is filled with garra rufa fish. When the feet are placed in the tank of water the fish nibble the dead skin from the customer’s feet. It also aims to leave the customers feet looking smooth and attractive.

The risk of HIV and Hepatitis C could occur is if a person who has the virus bleeds in the water and the water is not cleaned then there may be a risk that the disease could be passed on. It has been said that the risk is very low but it cannot be completely excluded.

Furthermore, health experts have warned that as the fish tank water contains micro-organisms, problems could occur by the fish transmitting the bacteria.

The risk is greater for people with diabetes, psoriasis and weak immune systems and they are advised to not take part in this treatment at all.

The health agency has recommended that the spa water is to be changed after every client as the equipment cannot be sterilized conventionally as this could harm the fish. They have also recommended that each spa that provide this treatment should make sure there is no underlying health conditions that could put the customer at risk and they should also thoroughly check to make sure that there are no cuts, grazes or infectious skin conditions.

There are currently around 280 fish spas in the UK presently and this number is growing, in each of the tanks there are roughly 200 fish. It is popular across the world, however has been banned in some US states such as Washington, Florida, Texas and New Hampshire due to fear of infections possibly spreading through open wounds.

If you or anyone you know has suffered an injury as a fish foot spa procedure we can help. It is important that you get independent expert legal advice from one of our specialist lawyers, preferably as soon as possible.

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