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Overuse of false eyelashes can damage your real ones

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Overuse of false eyelashes can damage your real ones

There has recently been a surge in people buying and using false eyelashes which has been fuelled by celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Drew Barrymore.

However, false eyelashes can damage your real eyelashes. Overuse of false eyelashes can lead to gaps in your real ones where the natural eyelashes have fallen out.

A new trend is to wear double layers of false eyelashes. If however, you wear double layer of false eyelashes they can potentially cause damage.

Irritation can be caused by people sleeping with the false eyelashes on by the glue bonding the false eyelashes to the eyelid.

Also removing the eyelashes may cause damage as when removing the eyelashes it potentially could pull the natural eyelashes out too. People could also lose significant natural eyelashes so that they will have to be rectified surgery or will have to continue wearing the false eyelashes.

If you have suffered an eyelash related injury you may be able to make a claim. It is important you get independent legal advice, preferably as soon as possible from one of our specialist lawyers.

May I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your assistance in this matter and for your professionalism at the way you handled this claim.

Mrs P G | Lincoln

My claim has been going on for 3 years but Heidi has been very supportive and informative throughout the whole process, Thank you so much to the team for making this happen!

Hetulkumar Vara

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