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Woman suffers from boils after hair extensions

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Woman suffers from boils after hair extensions

A woman from London was recently rushed to Hospital after having an adverse reaction to hair extensions. The woman had the extensions sewn onto her own hair, which is otherwise known as a weave. However, after a few weeks she erupted with sores and blisters on her head.

She went to an African hair salon in London and paid £100 to get her extensions sewn in. She said the hairdresser was very vague about the procedure and pricing and ushered her to sit, so she could get started. The woman did not feel self-assured but continued with getting her hair done.

A few weeks later her head became very itchy and she was horrified to see blisters had formed on her scalp and on her neck. She visited the doctors who informed her she had contracted boils, and that the best way to treat them was to bathe them.

Unfortunately, they did not get any better, they became very irritable and sore. The area around the blisters started to swell and she was in extreme pain. The blisters began to ooze with pus so the woman went to the hospital a day before her 29th birthday.

At the hospital the doctor shaved of the area of her head where the blister was oozing to remove the infection. She had to wear a bandage around the area.

The doctor informed her that the cause of the boils was due to a dirty needle being used to sew the extensions on her hair. The 29 year old confronted the hair salon who denied all allegations of negligence. Shortly after, the hair salon closed down and changed their name.

If you, or someone you know, have suffered from a hair disaster which includes hair or scalp damage you may be entitled to compensation. Our team of specialist lawyers at Actons Injury Solicitors have years of experience dealing with hair claims so you will be given the best possible advice. It is imperative that you get advice as soon as possible.

The level of service was very professional and I would recommend your services.

Mr P H | Derby

All the staff I had contact with were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. No stone was left unturned in dealing with my injury claim as a result I am sure that my compensation was maximised and the claim went 100% in my favour. I am extremely grateful and impressed with all.

Mr J D | Nottingham

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